Thursday, August 5, 2010

Down Is the New Up.

You always think you're good at something until you meet your match. Allow me to shed some light: I have a bit of an over confidence in how I can handle social situations, because I know exactly what mask I need to wear. What the words are I should say, and in what manner I should say them. For a good long while, I was unstoppable. But I have found my match. A gymnast to a wall he cannot climb; a wise man to a he riddle I cannot solve; a knight to a damsel he cannot save. I am disarmed, vulnerable, and totally fucking clueless. I've always told myself that all I needed was reassurement. I haven't figured out if I've been getting it this whole time, and this is just a giant test I need to pass, or if this is a game I shouldn't have ever started playing because I can never win. I'm not one for giving up, and I know I couldn't if I tried, I just don't want to get burned. Sometimes, it seems like things are brighter than ever before. Sometimes, it's too dark to see anything. 

I shall fly into the sun.

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