Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My dwindling faith in human interaction.

Throughout all of my personal experiences, observations and encounters with closely knit human interaction, I can only draw one conclusion: inevitable demise. I have been told all my life by the books I have read, songs I have listened to and the people whom which I have confided that attitude manifests one's destiny; that belief in one's ability to succeed and/or be happy relies solely upon their positive or negative outlook on the situation as a whole. I am beginning to believe more and more all the time that it's a bunch of Disney movie bullshit. Take the typical failed human relationship for instance: girl loves boy, boy loves girl too, but not as much, and vise/versa. These details can vary. The point being, it's becoming to seem more and more impossible to find an equality in mutual compassion between two humans. The term "love" is so overdrawn and so cliche, I believe we, as a society, haven't the slightest clue of its meaning, ability and maybe even its existence. What defines love anyway? Security? Lust with some form of dependability attached to it? My encounters with this word and its different definitions have all lead me back to one place in the end, and that's right back to where I started. To be honest, I'd love for someone to prove me wrong. Your move.


  1. Nobody really knows what anything means until they've reached the end of their lives because by then, it doesn't matter what it means to the world, it only matters what it meant to you.

  2. Too true. I don't, I haven't, and I never will live my life by the world's expectations. But, still the theory of companionship and to be accompanied by that of another individual has always been one of my fixations. I am losing faith in the likelihood of its probability, however.